The 4th Shanghai ICEE Global E-Commerce Brand Summit will be hold on November 28-30, 2018

2018 ICEE Shanghai is committed to creating an authoritative brand of Internet+ cross-border e-commerce exhibition and building a new format of exhibition for the exchange platform designed for ecological cooperation among global Internet commerce. The organizing committee of the conference plans to exchange with more than 30 national embassies, government functional departments and industry associations. The committee will invite your country's supply chain involving outstanding platform, service providers and brand owners to participate in and view the exhibition, establish international e-commerce benchmarking enterprises, introduce global cross-border commodity trade cooperation resources, promote cooperation with domestic channels, and realize upgrade of “internet+ cross-border e-commerce ".

The committee will invite relevant government officials to interpret the policy concerning cross-border e-commerce, invite the leading e-commerce companies to share the development trend of cross-border e-commerce market and invite experts and scholars to make forecast and analysis on the development trend of global e-commerce industry; the domestic and international e-commerce product purchasers will have face-to-face negotiations with suppliers; the corporate branding, service products and image shows and overseas project promotion events will be launched to master and understand the latest products, technologies, channels and other information in the international e-commerce market; dozens of the most centralized and mighty exciting activities such as media campaigns will be carried out.